ROI Increase

ROI Increase

ROI (return on investment) is a business term…we more commonly refer to this as Bang for your Buck.  God is giving you, our donors, more ROI.

As you know, we are planning to go to Haiti soon.  Our plans were made and everything was settled.  But our God is efficient.  In the last week we have squeezed in another pastors’ wives conference in the Port au Prince area and consultation with North American missionaries working in the Carrefour area.  These meetings came from asks by other groups.  They are from referrals of donors and other non profits working in Haiti.  We will have to push hard, but the Lord assured us that He is in it.

We have also gotten several referrals this week from other pastors and ministries.  When people come to them and talk about their calling to be a missionary, they think of GCWM.  God seems to be ramping up–proving that He will send out a million missionaries.

Website problems have been detected by several of our readers.  We have been hacked!  Unfortunately we cannot see the hack (on the home page) from our computers, only visitors can see it.  This appears as advertisement of several things in several languages in small red letters.  Don’t click on it!  We found that we cannot take it off since it doesn’t appear for us.  So we are migrating to a new web page soon.   We took this opportunity to freshen our pages so the website will have a whole new look.  The website was just not keeping up with the warp speed that God has us in.  It was due to go online on June 1, but our webmaster had a death in the family that will delay about a week.  The address should be the same and you will get its birth announcement.

Continue to pray for us.

  • We have an important Board of Directors meeting in two weeks–we are setting many policies in place that are needed as we continue to grow in number.Prayer in Haiti
  • Tonya and Mark are experiencing warfare as they prepare to go to Haiti with us.  They will be documenting as well as seeing if the Lord is calling them into mission.
  • Spiritual warfare is needed over our work in Haiti. The deliverance of Haiti is through our prayers as well as our words.  See the Lord unleashing angels into the atmosphere over Haiti to prepare the way for His Word.