What Are You Looking For?

Last week we traveled to Indianapolis to take my sister’s place in caring for my mom so that she could go on vacation with her family.  We stayed in my sister’s house, so she left us notes to familiarize us with her things.

The next morning found us hunting the coffee making supplies.  Knowing Ken’s need for “go juice”, she had told us the cabinet they were in, how the coffee pot worked, etc.  However, Ken couldn’t find the filters and only found beans, not ground coffee.  I looked also and could not find what he needed–not too hard though, I had found my can of diet coke.  So off to the grocery we went to get what we needed for his fix.

Later on in the week, as I was getting out some mugs, I found the filters,  They were in a blue box, clearly label as filters–with a picture of them on it.  A day later, Ken found the coffee grinder near the filters.  “How could we have missed them?” we asked ourselves.coffee filters

Why didn’t we see the coffee supplies?  It was because we looked for our familiar supplies.  We looked for ground coffee in a can and filters in a bag. I also didn’t look hard because I had what I needed.

Is this, we wondered, part of our problem with God?  We keep looking for the familiar when He is doing a new thing.  We are looking for the old when He has put it in a new box, but told us exactly where to find it.  We are satisfied with what we have and not willing to put out the energy to really seek for Him.  Not finding what we need quickly, we run off and find for ourselves what we need (called idols).  Are we any different from those around Jesus on this earth that missed him because they could not see Him even when they had been told where to look?

This morning Ken and I kept talking about the spiritual implications of eyes that do not see.  And I promised Ken that he could have his say in this, so look for part 2 from him.