Fall Travel

 October 3-4 Travel to Liverpool, PA
 October 5-11 Missionary Care Implementation Training
 October 12 Meet with Grant Writer Lancaster PA
 October 12-13 Travel to Raleigh, NC Family and Baptisms
 October 18,-24 Travel to Florida and help Ken’s move to Kentucky
 October 21-24 Return to KY
 Nov. 7-16 Ken preaches in metro-east St. Louis. Meetings with partners and potential partners in the St. Louis area. Dardenne Presbyterian Mission Conference. We will be speaking on missionary care teams (Called to Send) and presenting our mission vision.
 Nov. 20 Annual Board Meeting in Lexington
 Dec. 31-Jan. 18 Tentative schedule for the Missionary Congresso in Brasilia at Jesus Vive Church. We will be speakers. Also meeting in Sao Paula area with Bishop Josep of the Reformed Anglican Church.