Risk and Reward


I’m not one that is interested in NASCAR…too much round and round for me. But I was studying the principal of risk for several presentations that we did, and I found that what was in my mind was best illustrated by NASCAR and racing.

Those cars go around and around very close together.  They do this to save fuel and to keep up with each other.  As the front-runner, you must push hard for you have no one breaking the wind for you.  It is difficult and expensive.  As the “drafter” you have someone to forge ahead and you sit in the energy that they have created.  It is usually smoother and not as expensive.  The problem is that you aren’t going to win the prize, you will come in second at best.

Sometime during the race the cars behind the leader must get out and challenge the leader.  They must get out in the “bumpy” air and make a way for themselves.  It is risky and fuel consuming.  But is worth the prize–it is rewarding.

My question to ponder is this:  In your race of life, are you a drafter or a risker?  Are you willing to just follow along (let someone else witness, serve, give) or are you going to get out there go for the prize?  Do want to be comfortable or do something significant with you life?  It is your choice.  Consider the prize of a race well won.