Fear or Faith

Recently a young woman that I am mentoring called.  She was feeling out of step and somewhat condemned by her peers.  She had sent her children to school even though there had been a threat against schools in the whole city.  When she took them to the drop off, she noticed only about half the traffic.

This started me thinking about how we live in culture of fear, and what that is doing to our faith life and walk with the Lord.  By agreeing with the zeitgeist we are telling the Lord that He cannot be trusted.  By personally succumbing to fear we are saying that we also are powerless to the works of the devil and all his ways.  We are believing the lie and taking the bait–hook, line and sinker.

Do we really believe that our God is in control?  Do we really believe that He has conquered death and the enemy?  If these parents truly believed that their children were in danger, they needed to take actions other than hiding at home.  Can we really hide in our homes from threats of the enemy anyway?

Besides sending their children to school, the moms could have met at the school and used their emotional energy to pray.  They could have taught their children to face their fears with faith–to pray for protection, to pray for the perpetrator, to pray for all the children in all the schools.  Basically they could have strapped on their gun belts of faith with the ammo of prayer and stood up to the fear and the enemy.

We need to stop being spiritual wimps!  When we became Christians we signed up for the battle.  Don’t desert in the face of enemy.