Lexington KY Opportunities

If you live in the Lexington area, we have several opportunities for you. We are looking for onsite prayer warriors for times of intercession at the office. Warfare is up and we are appealing to our God for protection and advancement. Call Ken at 859-537-3412 for dates and times.
You can also be a volunteer at the office. We need people to stuff envelopes, put together displays, and other office help. We are also giving some tours of the office once a month on Saturdays. We would like some friendly hosts and hostesses. If you are interested in helping email Martha —martha@gatewaycwwm.org
Saturday “Find Your Call” Days
We are restarting office tours once a month (in the months that we are here). Many people are asking again what Gateway is all about. Tours will highlight the Called to Go, Called to Care, Called to Pray, and Called to Send groups. Please consider coming when you receive our invitation. You will enjoy learning more about how Gateway works and what we are doing now. We promise to only keep you one hour! Bring a friend and send others! The next tour date is Saturday, April 2 at 9 am.