Glory from Hardship

The Hardship

La Gonave is 31 miles off the coast of the main island of Haiti. Our team took two  separate

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Ricky and Jennifer with boat in background

skiffs with 40 hp outboard motors to make the 1.5 hour trip. The calm waters grew into significant waves.  One skiff experienced severe pounding. Ken was in great pain and Jennifer was shaken to the point of tears. (Later Ken found he had received a hairline fracture in his L4 vertebrae.)

 The Glory

During his struggle, Ken refused the give the enemy any victory and asked the Lord what He was saying in this trial.  He pressed into heavy praise to finish the trip and heard the Lord answer to his question.  “You can’t do this in your own strength, you must function in mine.”

Initially Jennifer began to take on dread for the trip back to the mainland.  Jennifer actually found that she received a Holy Spirit chiropractic treatment.  She also was delivered from a fear of the trip back.

Martha, Brian and several Haitian team members were in the other boat.  The Lord brought to her a special sense of the Lord’s presence and she received comfort for her mom’s passing.  She said she felt a little guilty for enjoying her ride so much.

The early morning trip back was full of the peace and the Glory of the Lord.  The water was like glass and the Lord even gave us several porpoises to jump in the area where the rough water had been.  It was if He was saying, “Enter into MY rest..”