God Is Moving Mightily

God is answering your prayers in a mighty way. During this year’s Haiti Women’s Conference in Les Cayes, one woman who had attended last year’s conference shared that she had become deathly ill during pregnancy.  After prayer for healing at that conference she learned that she had been poisoned. Doctors were able to save her, but told her the baby would not live or would be severely deformed. Through prayer God healed her and she gave birth to a healthy baby. Both mother and baby stood before the women at this year’s conference as a testimony to the healing power of God.

Near Les Cayes, God is raising up a whole new generation so on fire to serve Him that they are building a worship center with their own hands. They are hungry for the word of God in their own lives and to be able to share it with others.

In Grand Vide, Haiti, the people are building a house of prayer which will be open at all times for prayer and worship. God is raising up worship leaders among the young men and children who spontaneously go to the House of Prayer to sing and dance before the Lord.

Margaret, wife of Rev. Eric of Uganda, has been healed of a heart condition that would have required major surgery. The walls and function of her heart were so damaged that she had to rest in bed.  At her last checkup before making the decision for surgery, the tests showed that her heart now has normal cardiac structure and function. God has literally put a new heart in her.


Margaret healed of heart disease

One of our missionary couples  are being really encouraged by the response of people who are ready to support them in getting to the mission field. Donors are responding to their desire to work with permaculture and midwifery ministry in Brazil . God willing, they should be ready to go to the field by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.