Taking Discipleship to the Least

20140328_153332A Letter from Our Global Partner in Uganda

Dear Friends,
Eric on Boat
I had a wonderful Sunday today. I visited one of my hard to reach
churches along the shores of Lake Albert. I left Kagadi driving, then left
the car at Rusoroza Church, boardered a Bodaboda (motorcycle taxi) down a stiff escarpment to Kabukanga Landing site. There I took to a boat  for a 40 minutes ride (See photo). I fear going on water. I never visited this church for the
last seven years. It’s Kamina Church .  (See photo of Kamina
Landing site and the vibrant choir dancing their traditional song.

The service was attended by over three hundred people. 35 gave their
lives to Christ and 8 were baptized. I have five churches in a hard
areas to reach. The Lord has shown me to begin a Parish (a conglomerate of small churches) in this place whose headquarters to be at Kamina Church. They depend on fishing and have little income but  the people are so committed and love the Lord.

I have been impressed. They have started a school this year with four classes.

I can see why God is keeping me in Kagadi.  A lot is uncompleted.

Together we will!

Rev. Eric