Working in Brazil

LearnersGod’s timing is often different than ours. Seven years ago a Brazilian bishop came to the Gateway mission display at a conference and asked, “Can you work in Brazil?”
Many of you helped us respond to that opportunity with leadership training for Igreja Anglicana Reformada (IAR) in Brazil. The seeds of that relationship grew slowly and now we have the opportunity to work with them in establishing their Ryle School of Theology.
This opportunity has come just as a relationship opened up with the Asbury Theological Seminary’s Church Planting Initiative.
GCWM staff met with the VP of Global Partnerships of Asbury Theological Seminary prior to our trip and discussed ways they might partner with us and the IAR.
Your Gateway team was in Brazil July 17-27 to train church planters and discuss long term partnerships with the IRA and Asbury ‘s Church Planting Initiative.
They conducted training in church planting and missionary care coupled with long question and answer periods in three cities. We heard the pastors’ struggles and identified practical areas where the Gateway Center could equip them in the future.
First year classes are scheduled to begin this fall. Since most pastors are bi-vocational, they attend one Saturday per month for each subject followed by three weeks of study and application.
While this visit established the foundation for ministry for years to come, the greatest value is the cementing of relationships.
The Lord brought to our team the Gregorys, who speak Portuguese and are familiar with the culture. They were wonderful at relationship building as we prepare for future events.