Haiti Update/Our Prayer

Many of you have written asking about our works in Haiti.  So here is an update.

Les Ceyes

Pastor John and Gardinette are safe.  The mission house held well as well as the church and school.  These were used by many as safe shelter.

Last night Lubin was finally able to chat with Pastor John. He stated that while the situation in Les Cayes is now calm, the destruction of houses are heartbreaking.

Most of tin-roofs are down from the historic Catholic Cathédrale , sacre heart , to countless of houses from The city of Aquin to Les Anglais.

Lubin, John’s brother, is taking a team down to help Oct. 13-19.  He is looking for carpenters, electricians, doctors, nurses and anyone that can help.  Cost will be $2000 from JFK.  Contact Ken (859-537-3412) and he will put you in contact with Lubin.   Also donations are being solicted.  You may donate via this link: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/gcfwm and put Haiti relief in the project space.  We will get Lubin the funds before he leaves.

Grande Vide, La Gonave Island

Brian and children were evacuated by expats on the leeward side of the island.  Brian and Heather’s new home is 5 ft from the sea.  They did not want to leave anyone behind, but the villagers would not go.  Brian told them to use the House of Prayer for shelter and it was a safe harbor.  The sea has taken most of the village as it joined the pond in the back of the village which is fed by mountain streams.  Almost everything is gone except for the HOP and national school.  Brian had them put their food and dry wood in the HOP so at least they have minimal provisions–it will be awhile until they can cross to the big island. All boats were destroyed.  All crops planted and most livestock are gone.

You may give through this link:  http://communityofhopehaiti.org/what-you-can-do/

God’s Word to Us in Prayer

We heard this as we spent the night and morning of the hurricane in prayer.  It is an encouragement from the Lord.

Martha and I have been praying most of the night. This morning the Lord brought to mind a picture that I prayed and declared.

The picture came in the realization that often what we see in the natural is indicative of the spiritual realm. This hurricane is the most powerful seen in ten years. Les Cayes was targeted with the heaviest winds and an unheard of amount of rainfall that will cause drastic floods.

My prayer was that the Lord cleanse in the natural and bring the Holy Spirit in the same measure as the deluge of water came with the hurricanes. The tidal wave of the spirit will raise up and sweep over the nation to bring the nation to repentance and both take the nation for Himself and launch a movement to the nations.

Martha had a vision of the giant cloud of the hurricane swirling over the city as the spirit of God moving over the city.

Les Cayes may be a place where the greatest outpouring of His Spirit may come to launch the wave that will sweep the nation. It is a city of firsts so the “ancient ruins” will be restored.
(We have learned that many of the historic places were destroyed and believe that the “new” will come.)

Things to think about.

Three years ago the Lord sent a word (to the church in Les Cayes) that a second shaking was coming in the form of a flood to Les Cayes that would touch those unrepentant and dark places. At the time I thought it might be a flood of the Spirit, but the one delivering the word said he saw it as a real flood that would cover the city. I think it was both.

The devastation coming will take out evil things and set the stage for repentance among the people. It will be a time when the Body of Christ will shine. Isa 60; Isa 43:1-3 This will come from the witness of both God’s protection of his faithful ones and the reaction being a place for people to find the love of the Lord among the shattered.

Les Cayes (little stones, meaning of Les Cayes in Creole)-God often uses the small things to confound the wise things of this world-David used small smooth stones to kill giants.
Les Cayes was the port where the first slaves entered the nation.
Les Cayes was the port where the first protestant missionaries entered the nation.
Les Cayes has a Jewish community which is a position of uniting the “one new man” of both Jewish and Gentile nations for the days ahead. -gives spiritual authority.

Indeed in the natural it is a shaking but in the spiritual Haiti is about to rise in the Spirit. It will not be a bunch of aid coming from the outside to do relief. It will be the nation of the Lord rising from the flood into its destiny.