Sister, Could you spare a pair?

On our last call to the Les Ceyes pastor and his wife (see our Hurricane Matthews post)  I asked what was needed most (always a good question before you do the wrong thing)?  She related this story to me:

“Women have come to me looking for the most basic of necessities.  All items in their homes have been washed away in the flooding.  The most humbling thing for them to ask was if I knew where they could get panties.  They need panties–at least three pair; one to wear, one to wash and one to share.”

So ladies, I’m asking you to look at the number of panties in your drawer and give at least that number of dollars.  Then look again at your blessing of clothing that God has given you and multiple a number of your of your gratitude to Him.

Can you spare a pair or two?  Donate here.