You’re Invited!

Grandparents Prayer Gathering

Saturday, February 25, 2017 9 am to 1 pm
The Prayer Room
1218 S. Broadway, Suite 110
Lexington, KY 40504

The Gateway Center is sponsoring a grandparent prayer gathering as part of an overall strategy to involve generations in God’s mission. Praying grandparents are a powerful weapon to clearing the road for their destiny.

Groups of 10 to 12 grandparents come together for three hours with pictures of their grandchildren. Everyone prays over the pictures and ask the Lord to give them scriptures for their grandchildren’s lives.

Lesley Barker of Eden House Retreat Center will be leading us. The purpose of the day is to:     Stand between our families’ past and their futures
Pull forward those righteous God-given gifts, callings, inheritances, portions and   purposes from our grandparents to the generation of our grandchildren
Disrupt, interrupt, repent for, forgive and stop generational sin
Call forth the generation that “seeks thy face” by seeking the Lord for prophetic words, Bible verses and vision to declare over our grandchildren
To gain a spiritual picture of our grandchildren so that we can call it forth and also identify those assignments, challenges, lies and obstacles the enemy has positioned against them

Bring a picture of your grandchild(ren) and a snack to share.
Drinks will be provided.

RSVP by Feb 20
Martha (859-537-3423)