Vive Clinique!

Pastor Jean pray.3.17Pastor Jean announced to the 70 pastors assembled, “Pastor Ken and Martha are not going to teach.  Today we are going to the Holy Spirit clinic.”

The pastors looked around at each other.  We knew they were thinking, “I did not come all the way for this.”

We had spent two weeks preparing teaching for this conference.  We knew they needed refreshing and encouragement, so we were ready.  But God….

God started to work on us the Friday night before we left.  A woman in our Friday night small group gave a word to us about looking at the pastors’ needs.  We thought we had.  Then another evening we were watching a webcast where we were brought to our knees.  We scrapped the whole teaching and basically got on the plane with no plan.

The first day we had saved time to minister to our host, Pastor Jean and his wife, Gardinette.  We knew they had been through much.  They told us horror stories of bodies floating in water, people searching for food, and the wailing of grief from the survivors.  They told us of their first trip to one of their churches through mud to find everything gone and the pastor and wife huddled in a corner of the rubble.  It took such an emotional toil on them that both their blood pressures were so high they needed medical help.

As we prayed for them and ministered healing to them, all of us knew what God had in mind.  We were to be a healing team and the seminar was to be a Holy Spirit clinic.

So we stood before the pastors and told them we had nothing for them except to help usher in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We asked them turn off their phones and allow God alone to be with them.  Martha asked the Holy Spirit to hover and to move deeply in each person.  We watched as God ministered to each personally for a long time.  Then the team (Ken, Martha, Gardinette and Jean) passed along the backs of the chairs and ministered with laying on of hands and words of knowledge. As soft music played God met each person there.

There are so many testimonies of what God did! Everyone had been touched. One man said that the Lord healed his racing heart (it had been racing for weeks).  Another had come a very long way (8 hours by bus) with a kidney stone.  He wanted to come so badly that he decided to endure the pain.  During the prayer the stone dissolved and his pain went away.  In fact his whole body relaxed enough that pain also left his shoulders, neck and head.  He was a new man!

But God didn’t stop there. We thought that God would heal the trauma of the disaster experience, but He had root issues on His mind.  One by one pastors stood to tell of hurts they had experienced.  One by one they told of God dealing with them to forgive. God was cleaning their hearts and removing strategies of Satan.

We spent the rest of the days teaching on how to hold on to forgiveness and also spent more time in the presence of the Lord.

From the preaching on Sunday to the testimonies, the Lord brought forth a message that this was not just a time of healing from the current traumas, but he was preparing them and Haiti for a whole new season.

Truly the Lord met His people.  They left with great joy!