A Surprise for the Women


Clothing on the open market

One afternoon during the women’s conference, we told the women to sit down for a minute more because we had a surprise for them. Three large duffel bags were brought out with many small sacks in them. The team that coordinated the conference began to pass out the small sacks. The women hesitantly opened them, many thinking that were getting a small snack.
One by one huge smiles crept on their faces as they realized what was in the sacks—three panties each! Excitement rang out as they said, “These are of great quality.” Soon the women started showing the panties to the camera and then began twirling them. Watch on youtube: https://youtube/m4rCOU85SJg.
Martha started giving some of the young girls that had come with their mothers their own panties. They loved the ones with Girls Rule written on them. Boys came up not understanding that pink printed panties would not work for them. The pastors’ wives that cared for orphans were given most of the children’s panties.
What a wonderful party you put on! All the panties were donated by generous donors of Gateway. One donor sent 1000 panties (which God multiplied because we think there were a lot more). Another church sent plus size panties and the children’s panties. Then there were donors that sent money so that we could fill in the gaps of sizes that were missing. We had so many panties that Gardinette saved some for the women that couldn’t come. These women were afraid to leave their homes made of tarps and boards because they needed to protect their belongings.

Snapshot 2 (4-11-2017 11-41 AM)

Celebrating their surprise

Some of the women had never had panties before. Almost all of them had never had new ones. Gardinette said that panties like the ones the women received would cost $7-10 USD/pair in Haiti.

Thank you, Gateway Women, for your generous hearts!