Reaching our Destiny Together


Coming to the conference

Occasionally the Lord brings about a convergence of destinies to bring hope out of tragedy. Such was the March 2017 Women’s Conference in Les Cayes, Haiti. The theme of Women of Destiny came as a light to many women who had suffered during the disaster of Hurricane Matthew. Many lost everything: houses, crops, livestock and even loved ones. The cry of women for the simple dignity of a pair of panties expressed it all.

The Lord heard their cries. He touched the hearts of many of you to bring hope and to encourage them to step into something greater.

We arrived early at the conference site and were surprised to find almost 300 women already sitting in the hard pews waiting. We had worried that the hurricane’s devastation would prevent many from coming. It had, in fact, created a deeper need and hunger for God’s touch. More than 500 came from many parts of Haiti.
There were times of intense worship and joy, but the pain in their lives was also evident. Women talked of losing their spouses and families, but they came because they knew that they had to find healing. Martha knew they couldn’t go forward until they got by their past. Their countenance changed as they walked through deliverance and inner healing.


Going home happy

After times of healing came times of challenging. From the examples of Mary and Jesus they learned that total obedience was necessary to overcome the enemy and reach for God’s best in their lives.