Pursuing Souls–Those that have not heard the name of Jesus

From the very beginning of time God has longed for his whole family to be present with him mutually sharing his love and bringing Glory to his name and all that he created.   With that same irresistible love, God sent his Son, Jesus, to take on flesh and restore his people with the power to destroy the works of the evil one.

Jesus gave his last command on earth to us, “I have restored your authority, now pursue them until some from every tongue, tribe, people and nation (family) become disciples.

You can  join in the pursuit of souls! How?

  • Train pastors and leaders who are some of the first believers in an unreached people
  • Prayer walk with pastors and leaders to open new ground for the gospel among unengaged people
  • Show the Jesus Film in the local language to people who have never heard of Jesus

You have the opportunity to send two teams in the beginning of next year.  If you want information on where we are going, contact us.

Can you imagine the joy on the faces  of those that will believe?

Can you imagine the joy on your face as you receive the report of what you have accomplished?