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A Now Word for Uganda

You sent funds and God said, “Now.”  So we wired them to Rev. Eric in Uganda.

Here is his thank you to you all:

As I write this email, I go on my knees to thank you so much and those who send gifts to us through you for what you sent last month.

You are really used by God. I thank everyone who contributed.

Yes we knew COVID 19 second wave is in the country but we did not expect immediate suspension of communal prayers. All Church Leaders were caught unaware. Tthe lockdown has cause a lot of fear, panic and hopelessness to many.

Last year the enemy was from outside and the lockdown intended to prevent the enemy from penetrating communities but now the enemy is already within and among us. Last year we held home services but this time, Church ministers fear to go to homes, as well Christians fear outsiders into their houses.

For this regard, I convened an extraordinary meeting to look into the matter, and we resolved to withdraw the money you wired for ministry to buy some food stuffs for some most affected Church leaders’ families. On Monday I will be distributing this food to beneficiary families but also it gives me an opportunity to encourage to take heart.

This is the major reason I have written this email while on my knees. With what eyes would I be seeing these families, if God had not spoken through you?!

Thank you again for renewing our radio programme contract. All this bows me to my knees as a sign of humbleness.

 On Thursday I had a serious program that involved both teaching, mobilizing, encouraging, informing and preaching the Word of God. All rotated around 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Colossians 1:17. They are sound common verses but so appealing in our situation now.  Where would we get 4m (In US funds a little over $1000) to pay for this program?!!

Friends, let me again say I am humbled. Keep up that spirit of obedience to God’s call and direction.

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