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Our Passion

Our passion is to see missionaries and church leaders working in every tongue, tribe, people, and nation. We are gripped with the mandate of sparking a movement that will launch one million self-replicating missionaries who will finish the task given in Matt 28:18-20.  Our priority is to equip those missionaries and church leaders focused on or already working in Unreached/Unengaged peoples who have no access to the gospel.

Churches in Brazil have a vision to send hundreds of thousands of missionaries to the nations in the next ten years. Many of them have a heart for the unreached/unengaged peoples where the resistance to the gospel is greatest.

The Gateway Center for World Mission focuses on equipping pastors and leaders in discipleship, mission and strategic intercession. Women conferences have brought freedom in Christ, and personal ministry to pastors’ wives and women leaders.

God's Challange: To pray for a God sized goal bigger than you can do.

God's Answer: Spark a "Movement" that will launch one million missionaries into the harvest.


“Our mission department has been dead for 15 years, we have nothing,” was where we began our journey Uganda.  Now this area has 92 thriving churches and is growing so rapidly it will become a diocese of its own--many salvations coming from cults and Islam. 

God gave us the authority and the command to finish the task of making disciples from every tongue, tribe, people and nation (family group).