Can Nations be Reached through Lexington, KY?

Where are you going next? We are often asked that question. But we are not asked, What do you do when you are at home? even though some people wonder.
You may know there are many administrative tasks that go with having an agency with missionary families. We also work with churches and individuals as they see what God has called them to do in mission. We thank all of our donors very much for understanding that it takes finances for our “at home” assignments, too!
We belong to a group called “The Link.” It is a consortium of mission pastors and leaders in Lexington. We all pray for unity among “The Church of Lexington,” for churches to see God’s heart for the unreached, for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done. We pray for specific missionaries on the field that we know, and many missionaries that are home come by for prayer.
About a year ago we all decided to do more than pray. God gave several of the leaders a vision for what Lexington could do in the Kingdom. They decided to put on a conference with the Issachar Initiative to emphasize the unengaged/unreached people groups left (3000 at that time).
The Lexington Issachar Summit, was held on May 24th, 2016. 300 people came and were encouraged to reach the Unreached Unengaged People Groups (people with no church, no Bible in their language, no missionaries dedicated to reaching them, possibly not one believer among them).
One of the projects that was presented at the conference was to sponsor Nepal church planting teams. God moved and people responded! Over a million dollars were raised to support the move to sponsor Nepal teams to go to remaining 57 UUPG’s. Leaders from the Issachar Initiative could not believe what God was doing.
A team of pastors, marketplace leaders and mission workers was sent to Nepal from Lexington to see how to get started . (GCWM was invited but already had plans for Uganda.)
When the team arrived, they met with the groups they were to sponsor. They thought it would take at least a year to get the church planting teams going. Amazingly, the Lord had already prepared the workers—they were ready to go right away.
A second team (representing 7 different churches and mission agencies) recently returned to Lexington and we have just heard their report. All 57 people groups in Nepal are now engaged! There are workers in each one. Nepal is off the list of UUPG countries. In one short year God has provided a way to the Gospel for the people of Nepal.
He has used us through The Link partnership to do it—which means he has used you, Gateway Partners to do it! Doesn’t that make you want to stand up and shout, “Hallelujah!”
All those at the meeting were staggered at the speed at which God worked. We asked each, “How did this happen and why Lexington?” The Lord showed several of us the answer. It was through prayer and unity.
What if this were true of every city? What would we see accomplished in our lifetimes!
We have so much more to relate, but no room. If you would like to hear more “God stories” and “glory sightings,” give us a call. We are pumped to talk to you about what God is doing.
More plans are being laid in Lexington (we can’t stop now!). The Link is sponsoring a luncheon this month to get more pastors and churches involved. We are also planning a “Finishing the Task” conference in the fall to again give people the opportunity to join the Lord in His harvest work among the UUPGs.
We (Ken and Martha) have been asked to be part of the next Nepal team, probably in February of 2018. We are to model to young church planters and pastors what it looks like for couples to minister together. We are so excited to join the work into which we have been praying and planning.
Ask me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the earth as your passion.” Psalms 2:8

A Surprise for the Women


Clothing on the open market

One afternoon during the women’s conference, we told the women to sit down for a minute more because we had a surprise for them. Three large duffel bags were brought out with many small sacks in them. The team that coordinated the conference began to pass out the small sacks. The women hesitantly opened them, many thinking that were getting a small snack.
One by one huge smiles crept on their faces as they realized what was in the sacks—three panties each! Excitement rang out as they said, “These are of great quality.” Soon the women started showing the panties to the camera and then began twirling them. Watch on youtube: https://youtube/m4rCOU85SJg.
Martha started giving some of the young girls that had come with their mothers their own panties. They loved the ones with Girls Rule written on them. Boys came up not understanding that pink printed panties would not work for them. The pastors’ wives that cared for orphans were given most of the children’s panties.
What a wonderful party you put on! All the panties were donated by generous donors of Gateway. One donor sent 1000 panties (which God multiplied because we think there were a lot more). Another church sent plus size panties and the children’s panties. Then there were donors that sent money so that we could fill in the gaps of sizes that were missing. We had so many panties that Gardinette saved some for the women that couldn’t come. These women were afraid to leave their homes made of tarps and boards because they needed to protect their belongings.

Snapshot 2 (4-11-2017 11-41 AM)

Celebrating their surprise

Some of the women had never had panties before. Almost all of them had never had new ones. Gardinette said that panties like the ones the women received would cost $7-10 USD/pair in Haiti.

Thank you, Gateway Women, for your generous hearts!