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Journey to the nations

John Wesley, Anglican priest and founder of Methodism, is reported to have said; “If your heart is as my heart, then take my hand.” Would you like to take our hand and go with us?

Come with us

Interested in short term mission trip?  We can’t wait to meet you and help you find just the right place and time for you.  We would love for you to go with us, but if not, we will seek together what the Lord is calling you to do.  

Sign Up For Short Term Missions

Here is an interesting idea to fund your trip. CLICK HERE

Walking with you

Is the Lord calling you to become a missionary?  Are you asking,

  • “What should I do about that?”
  • “How do I know that this is really God?”
  • “Where do I start?”
  • “I already have a vocation, a family, bills, etc. Can God use me?”

Gateway staff would love to mentor you (and your family).  We have helped many discern their calling.  We walk with you each step of the way.  Because of our motto, Coach and Release, we find where you are most suited to serve, even if it isn’t with us.  We want God’s plan for you to be fully accomplished.

Please call or text us to explore how we might help you.  (859-537-3412)

Journey to your knees

All great missionary work starts and ends with prayer. 

One of our favorite stories is about a group of saints that turned their senior care facility into a powerhouse of prayer.  They went to many nations, but never left the building.

You can travel too through your prayers.  Join our intercessory group and go as we go.  Intercessors receive an email each week with specific requests. Ask to join our intercessors by emailing

Interested in prayer for specific groups of people that have never heard of Jesus.  Here are some links: