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Answering the URGENT Call to Equip Disciplers

Answering the URGENT Call to Equip Disciplers

The GWCM Board met last month for a three day retreat. It was a sweet time of fellowship. But most of all it was a time of recommitting ourselves to the common call on our lives—making disciples of all nations.  More specifically, the call for GCWM was to equip disciplers.  

All of us felt a great urgency of the task.  We talked about the reports of revival in many nations; we discussed the prophetic words given of a coming great awakening here and around the world.

With that sense of urgency we addressed the needs of Gateway—so that we might be positioned to be used by the Lord.  In order to be ready, what changes or additions were necessary?

Two great needs were found:  a better website and better funding.

Our website needed to be updated so that resources located there could be accessed around the world.  Website updating also was a building block to increased funding.

The Board left with a passion to get the job done at Gateway so that we could get the BIG JOB done—equipping disciplers to make disciplers.