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No More Shame

One hundred thirty-five women listened to Martha speak about the life of Hannah at a woman’s conference in the Hoima town church.  Everyone there, from elderly women to young mothers with children, were riveted as she shared stories mixed with God’s word.  God had showed her to teach about Hannah’s faith, her vow and the effect of shame in her life.

After they had experienced the forgiveness and healing of the Spirit, four basins of water were placed before them.  They could wash their faces as a symbolic gesture of removing shame from their lives if they desired. The wind of God’s spirit blew and women rushed forward and began washing their faces.  Some not only washed their faces but also vigorously washed their whole bodies as well.  Other young mothers washed their babies, too. The Lord reached down and ripped away their reproach.  They went out shouting, “No more shame!”