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Spirit Wind Needed in Haiti

In October Hurricane Matthew blew into Haiti. The most severe part of the storm hit the cities of Les Cayes and Jeremie and the island of La Gonave where we have been working with pastors and leaders. Some of the most powerful resurgence of the Spirit of the Lord for redeeming Haiti has been in these cities.
The 135 mile per hour winds, 35 inch rains and 15 foot tidal surges brought devastation to villages and destroyed or heavily damaged most of the churches along the southern shore. The crops that were just starting to mature were washed away.

By the grace of the Lord, we were able to contact our partner, Pastor Jean and his wife Gardinette, shortly after the devastation to ask what we could do. The news was not easy to hear. Pastors are becoming discouraged due to the devastation and are at point of despair. Pastor Jean said, “Could you come and comfort our dear brothers with pastoral leadership to help them find hope from their despair? Some food packages and any help with rebuilding would also be a blessing.” Gardinette related stories of women coming to her and humbling themselves to ask for panties. “Could you bless these women with panties?” she asked.
In addition to praying for mercy on the people we asked God two questions: 1) “What are you saying in all this in light of your movement to redeem Haiti?” and 2) “What should our response be?”
In prayer we felt the Lord saying that the churches and towns will not be rebuilt as before—it will take a move of the Lord to bring restoration. All will be built upon a fresh foundation. The church will be seen differently both from within and from without.
The Lord said “Go.” We will travel to Haiti in early March. It will be a time to minister the Word of the Lord to pastors and renew hope in them. Our goal is to give 60 pastors food (something for their families and people in their churches), lodging for the conference, and transportation fees.

The Lord said, “Go again!” to the Annual Women’s Conference. Martha will be the main speaker at the four day conference, March 30-April 2. We want to provide lodging for three nights, food, a small travel stipend and, yes, panties (to give dignity to the anticipated 500 women who will attend). One donor has already stepped up with a box of 1000 panties, but we can use more.