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The Wind Blew in Hoima

There has been a change in bishops in the area of Uganda where we work.  With a change in leadership usually comes a change in God’s season. 

The Lord built an amazing foundation over the last seven years. Discipleship, has increased, more people are coming to know the Lord and a theological training college has come into its own.

During our first week of our visit to Uganda, the Lord’s wind blew.  One hundred pastors and lay leaders gathered as we taught on the power of God’s commitment in covenant and the authority of the believer.  The Lord made it clear to us that he wanted them to minister to each other rather than us ministering.  On the first day, those who needed some type of healing raised their hands.  Others standing around them were directed to lay hands on them and pray for healing. At the beginning of the second day we asked for testimonies and eleven people told of the Lord healing them.

consecration-bishopOne women was beaming.  She said, “I am six months pregnant and I had never felt my baby move. When people prayed for me yesterday, my baby moved and is very actively moving today.”

The church where we taught is in the middle of a designated Muslim area.  Participants were challenged to go out into the community and not only to testify what the Lord had done, but also to pray for others to receive healing and to bring the good news of salvation to them.