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The Wind is Blowing

Wind is often used in scripture to describe the Holy Spirit’s movement. 

The wind was blowing in my face as I settled into the small boat for the thirty minute ride back to the small village where the car was parked. The leaders of those we ministered to that day joined us on the boat as their way of sending us off and blessing us.

My mind was still taking in all the Holy Spirit had done that day in Kitebere (kee-ta -bear-ee), a small fishing village on the shores of Lake Albert.  I thought of the excitement of the congregation who met us at the beach and sang praise songs as we paraded through the village to the church set up on a hill overlooking the village and the lake.

The smell of fish drying and sight of fisherman cleaning their nets next to the small fishing boats had made me think of what it must have been what it was like in Jesus’ time as he declared Peter would be a fisher of men. The wind of the Spirit had blown there and the disciples responded.

The Lord had reminded me how much he loved and used fisherman to carry the Gospel to the world.  Jesus got in their boat and their lives changed.  That was the message for this fishing community.

There were over two hundred people inside the church with many others peering in the windows to see what was going on. The presence of the Spirit was strong as I delivered the message and you could see the people relating to the fisherman of Jesus’ time. Our host and translator gave a five-minute wrap up and the wind blew that morning.  Thirty people responded and gave their lives to Christ.

Lake Albert borders the Congo and many of the people of Kitebere migrate with the fish.  God placed them in a strategic place to make them fishers of men.

The congregation asked us to be a long-term prayer partners.  The church is located at the top of a hill surrounded by a Muslim mosque and two demonic cult church buildings. Their leaders had not attended the intercessor training in Kagadi because of long distance.  We are asking the Lord if He would like us to bring this training to a group of these churches in the future.

The Lord said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  That is certainly true of Kitebere and the churches in the Lake Albert rift valley.