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Coach and Release

One of the foundational principles of Gateway Center ministry is to equip leaders and help them find their place of ministry that flows with who God created them to be and then to release them to flourish and make their maximum impact for the Lord.  

This last month we were able to release, our missionaries, Brent and Connie Gregory, to flourish in their calling of missionary care to Barnabas International ministries. BI is a ministry that exclusively provides care and counseling to missionaries who have struggled or are still struggling on the field. 

 We have had the privilege of walking with them in their first ministry in Brazil and have had the joy of working with them for several years as part of the Gateway Center team.  There is something wonderful about watching close friends prosper in the Lord.  We rejoice with them and pray that the Lord will give them much joy and fruitfulness as they begin their new journey.