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A Story of Faith

Story of Faith

Dauni (not her real name) heard the knock at the door and her whole body tensed. It was the police!  She knew they were coming for her.  She held her seven- month old baby in her arms and opened the door as she asked God to protect her.  “Come with us,” the officers demanded.  They immediately took her and her baby and put them in prison for preaching the Gospel to women in the streets.

Like many Nepalis who have come to know Jesus, she had been greatly saddened by the new anti-conversion law passed under pressure of Hindu influences from India.  This law mandated five years in prison for anyone preaching the Gospel.

Dauni knew the cost.  To her it was worth it. She continued working with her pastor and group of churches and ministries (including the Gateway Center) using her language skills to interpret. She loved to work among women. 

The joy that was in her was greater than the risk of being punished or shunned. 

Word of her imprisonment reached the saints in Nepal and here in the US. and a cry went out through the alliance group to pray for her and her baby.  After nearly two months in jail Dauni was released on bond awaiting trial.  Please pray that the Lord would intervene for her deliverance and push back the darkness that gave rise to her arrest.