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Nepal Results

Two years ago a group of churches, ministries (including the Gateway Center) and business people formed to focus the resources of the Lexington, KY area for mission. That group led to a partnership with Issachar Initiative targeting 57 unengaged (no witness or scriptures) and unreached (less than 2% believers) people groups in Nepal.  Here is a testimony of what the Lord has done:

“In my leadership role with the Issachar Initiative, I am often struck by the utter disbelief that some must express when I tell them what God has done through your partnership in Nepal. One day, when the Book of Acts is completed (and Christ has returned), multitudes in heaven will join us in glorifying the Lord for bringing His church in Kentucky together with His servants in Nepal in order that thousands might hear of His saving grace!

And thousands have heard!

For the first time in history, we now see that there are Deaf church planters in Nepal and the first known Deaf believers have been identified. Other Deaf are already beginning to gather as the first Deaf church in the country begins to form.

Regrettably, five people groups still do not report a single believer, but remember that until January of this year these groups had never been exposed to the Good News at all. Even so, among these five groups, hundreds have heard gospel and the ‘engagers’ are neither discouraged nor dissuaded from their task. They are persevering and so must we. Fresh fruit WILL spring from Nepali soil.”

Dr. David Pope Executive Director  Issachar Initiative