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An Open Door

“I have set before you an open door.”  This word to the church of Philadelphia in Rev. 3:7-8  has been ringing louder and louder in our ears.  The church there has often been called the missionary church. It had been faithful to His Word. The believers had little power in their own right,  but the Holy Spirit opened an opportunity to do great things in the Spirit.

A sudden door has opened to GCWM in Malaysia, a country with 188 people groups — 84% of them unreached. The Holy Spirit has now struck a match that has lit fires in many small churches to burn away the darkness that has held these people groups captive. The picture Ken saw was hundreds of small fires burning together that would be seen and felt in surrounding nations.

At the end of August, Ken will lead a small team to meet with pastors and leaders of a network of small churches reaching out to big and small cities as well as to tribal areas in regions that are 61% Muslim.  These “gateway” churches have a hunger for the Lord.  They are longing for teaching to sustain the fire of revival that is spreading there.

We will meet with leaders in Singapore, Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia to develop relationships and to build a prayer foundation to hear the Lord together with our “boots on the ground.” 

Once we hear together we can plan the most effective way in the year ahead for the Gateway  Center to envision and equip these leaders to both flourish and carry the Gospel to the unreached.

This is not about planting a few churches, it is about fueling a movement that will set a whole nation ablaze and sending missionaries where we can’t go.

What we will be doing:

· Meet with pastors and leaders of church networks

· Pray with pastors and leaders with our “boots on the ground”

· Teach immediate needs now and evaluate core needs for future training

· Identify key leaders that would be trainers to sustain the movement

· Prioritize teaching and plan follow up sessions for both trainers and general leadership

We need your help!!

The cost of this trip is $3127.

It is not about the money, but it takes money.  Because of the suddenness of this open door and recent ministry, we have no reserves to rely on. 

This is good soil. Would you be willing to sow into fueling a movement in Malaysia?

You can give electronically:  (specify Malaysia in additional information)