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Open Doors for Revival and Ministry In Malaysia

ministering healing

The goal of the Malaysia 2018 ministry trip was to identify and build relationships among Malaysian leaders to connect the revival in Kentucky with the one that is beginning in Malaysia.

Pastors and leaders from the Kentucky revival joined the team members' congregations to send out the U.S. team with covering and power.

Healing, Freedom from Demonic Forces, and Prodigals.

The Lord opened doors for us to minister in two services in Kula Lumpur. Our Malaysian team members fasted and prayed for three days prior to our coming.  The Lord revealed that rejection and witchcraft were major strongholds in the nation and that its effects were rampant in the Church.

The Lord came with targeted word, revelation and power to minister to the saints.  Malaysian team members joined us during ministry times for both translation and ministry. 

Many people came forward asking for healing and the Lord didn’t disappoint them. 

Several also struggled from demonic harassment and influence in their lives. God brought freedom through effective prayer with authority and revelation.

The Lord also began to call back prodigals. Saturday night, one young man came in with a blank look (a “why am I here?” expression). He came forward for prayer to be strengthened in his walk and the Lord touched him.