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Testimony of God’s Healing Power

After we returned home, we received these testimonies from our Malaysian team members.

Our host couple had been experiencing health problems.  She had swelling joints, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and her cancer markers were up. He had blood sugar and cholesterol problems   We prayed for them while we were there and spoke to the spirits of infirmity to submit in the Name of Jesus.  She had no more pain in her legs and the swelling almost completely subsided.

They were also worried about the upcoming blood tests because the doctor told them they would need to come in and talk about their blood test results.  The reason the doctor wanted to talk to them was that her blood tests were completely clear of rheumatoid arthritis and all of her cancer markers were normal.   His blood sugar had radically dropped and his cholesterol had halved.  The doctor asked what had happened and she told him Ken and Adrian prayed and God had healed them both.  The doctor said he wanted to meet Ken and wanted him to come sit with him during his weekend clinics. We referred him to our “Physician” as He was the one involved.