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The Vision Takes Hold

Come to Kagadi

Rev Eric stepped off the plane, his first time ever in the US.  Everything was so different than he had imagined it.  He was grateful that he could come to school at Asbury Theological Seminary and thankful to the donors that furnished his books and fees.

Some extra time was planned so that he could visit some of the churches that his bishop had relationship with.  He met with one church and told his story of evangelizing the region where he was assigned called Kagadi. 30,000 people now filled the churches there. 

Noticing the empty seats in this church, he encouraged the congregation to believe for salvations.  He asked some of the members to come and see what was going on in Kagadi.

At home, he studied, prayed and wrote encouragements to the churches he visited.

Rev. Eric’s second trip was very different.  A team of five women from one of the churches had come a month earlier and bonds had grown. The church itself was more open to hearing his message and his encouragement.  Many members came to him and other team members for prayer.  He felt that revival had started.

Other churches were also more open to his message.  He also encouraged them to come and also visit Kagadi.  People from these churches started networking and planning a trip with the first church. So many responded that more than one trip would be needed.

Rev. Eric said, “I wish to bring a team from Kagadi so that we can work together for the Kingdom of God.”

Rev. Eric’s vision has grown from Kigadi to the whole Kingdom. Your fruit in his ministry is spreading on both continents.  Revival is coming!