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Urgent Prayer Request

Boat on Lake Albert

I bring to you an urgent and serious prayer request.

On 1 August 2018, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Ministry of Health declared their 10th Ebola virus outbreak. DRC is Uganda’s western neighboring country, being separated by Lake Albert. The affected areas are about 100km from the western border of Uganda.  Landing sites for people around Lake Albert are in the Kagadi Archdeaconry.  From these landing sites to the affected areas in Congo takes a five hour water ride. This distance puts Kagadi at risk. 

By January 28, 2019 reports from Congo indicated that, confirmed cases were 689, total death 461. It is very serious and spreading rapidly. Insurgency/political conflicts in Congo increase the flow of refugees to Uganda. Trade among the two countries cause a lot of movement.

I convened our mission committee to investigate ways the church could help, mobilize, sensitize and equip the community with knowledge and skills to prevent the killer disease from coming to Uganda/Kagadi.  In the year 2012 Ebola attacked Kagadi and my Archdeaconry lost 14 members including one layreader and two elders at St.Luke's Church. I also prayed for an Ebola affected patient that we did not know was infected. Praise the Lord, he sustained my life. Therefore, I feel compelled to engage in the prevention process.
The community of Kagadi has the population of about 400,000. As a Church we can reach them through radio programs and workshops for pastors and layreaders.  We can buy preventatives like JIK (bleach) and hand washing disinfectant for needy homes. 

We will need funds for the radio spots, disinfectant and workshops in hard to reach areas.  We believe the cost to be somewhere around $4500. This will require joint prayers for God himself to intervene and provide.  This is the practical evangelistic response the church can offer in such situation.

Ebola is a killer disease which presents with high fever and bleeding through body openings, which is very infectious and kills in a short time.  But the GOOD NEWS is that it can be prevented. Let us join hands in prayer for the community that live at the lake in the most risky areas.  Prevention is better than cure.

Ven.Rev.Can. Eric Twine, Archdeacon