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Lessons of God's Faithfulness #2

It is not by might, cleverness or power but, by the Spirit of the Lord. Zech 4:6

His ways are not my ways and His ways are far above mine.  Is.55:8,9

Excerpt from our founder, Ken Shirkey's coming book.

One of my missionary heroes was Brother Andrew. Stories of him packing Bibles into cars and crossing communist borders had been part my call to mission service. As I thought about the dangers posed by communist nations, part of me said, “I would never do that.”

Now here I was years later, standing at the border of Communist China only a month after the government’s massacre of hundreds of college students in Tiananmen Square with two bags of Bibles in my hand.  It was one thing to hear the neat stories. It was quite another to be involved.

Fear and a knot of anxiety was in my stomach.  But the understanding that each of these Bibles would touch at least 100 people drove it back.  We heard eye witness stories of the people in the underground churches starving for a piece of scripture.  A Bible would be taken apart and hand copies of the scriptures were made and distributed so that if one group had their scriptures confiscated, the other parts would not be lost.  I was so determined to get some Bibles through that I even stuffed six Bibles into my underwear.  I prayed and prepared to walk the line.

The border station was well prepared for the hundreds of people that would cross both ways during an average day plus securing the crack down.  Our team of six broke into twos with each taking a separate line. We had been told that if our Bibles were caught, they would simply give us a ticket to pick them up on the way back out. The Chinese didn’t want any Bibles to be held inside China. 

When I got to the security officer the first thing he asked me was if I had Bibles.  Trying to play stupid tourist, I reached into my backpack and pulled out my personal Bible as it was allowed. Without much further questioning he called a man over and put my bags on a scanner and told me to follow him into a small room on the side.  There he took my passport information, wrote my name on a list and then gave me a receipt for my luggage.

I could see one of my team simply walking through with all her bags. Others had security agents open bags and not see the Bibles.  I felt I had failed.  Later I realized that all of the focus had been on me and it allowed the rest of the team to clear.  The Lord showed me it wasn’t about what or how well I did, it was the Lord who worked to get things through. I smiled as I thought about the hundreds of  Chinese that would be blessed by the Bibles.