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When Kingdom of God Comes to a Place

All over the world we have seen the transformation of areas as the Kingdom of God is established.  When the people of an area pray, when many turn to Christ, and when the kingdom of darkness flees, the Lord’s blessings begin to come and rest on the people and the land.

Such is happening in an area of Uganda.  It is in a fairly remote region near Lake Albert.  About 10 years ago the Lord sent a man full of His Spirit to this place, Kagadi.  He was sent because it was the darkest place.  Through the prayers of the people and leaders, God sent more to people to help.

Churches that once were nearly empty have been filled and more churches have been planted.  A demonic cult has been decimated.  Children (especially female and those with special needs) that had no chance of an education now have a good education.  Although the transformation has been slow, there are signs of God’s blessings.

Rev. Eric writes:

            Last Friday we cerebrated the success for the 2018 Primary Leaving Examination at Bishop Rwakaikara Primary School situated at the Kagadi Archdeaconry Headquarters/St. Luke’s Church.

Last year the total enrollment was 703 Pupils who included 355 Girls and 348 Boys.  Primary seven had 44 Candidates of whom 30 were Girls and 14 Boys. Out of these 13 got first grade (highest honors) and 31 second grade (high honors). This performance has never happened since this school began far 1980s.

The School had the first girl performer in the whole District.  Miraculously Bishop Rwakaikara was the first among the 140 Anglican Primary founded schools in the whole Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara.

This performance has attracted more pupils. This year the total enrollment is 814 pupils.

Primary school education for all is essential to a literate community that thrives and prospers.  We praise God for His faithfulness and that He will complete that which He has begun.