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The Church of Uganda's Response to the Ebola Threat--How You Helped

Report from Rev. Eric Twine:

Today as we held our last training, the report from Congo stands as follows: since September last year, reported cases have been 967; out of these 603 have died.  These cases included 77 Doctors and of whom 26 died. This report was released on 03/17/2019 and was delivered to us by the Kagadi District Ebola Rapid Response and Disease Surveillance Unit- Serevano Tembo.

As neighbors we started praying for them from the day news broke out. We sure feel sorry for them, but the good news remains that there is no case reported in Uganda so far and there are high hopes that the efforts put in to sensitize the community on both prevention and prayer will strengthen the wall between Congo and Uganda.

At least every person trained meets with a group of people more than twice each week, both on burials, weddings, meetings, fellowships and in church on Sundays and other festivals.

We have paid for two programmes on our two radio stations up to September. Luckily enough both radio frequencies go as far as the affected areas in Congo. My job is now to make follow up on radios and during my pastoral visits. Above all, I have put a jingle on the two radio stations that will be running seven times per day. This jingle contains facts about Ebola, signs and symptoms of Ebola, how Ebola is spread, and how one can protect him or herself from Ebola. This will run for two months.

 You have surely played a key role in this venture. With your support, even the ministry of health has been challenged by the Church’s effort. Glory to God and you people!  I must say this is one of the most soul saving ministries the Church has ever done especially the Anglican Church. You have supported not only Kagadi but the whole western region and Uganda at large.

The struggle continues until our neighbors are declared Ebola free.