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A New Wave in Uganda

Lake Albert Ministry

The Gateway Center has partnered with the Church of Uganda's Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese in the Lake Albert region since 2007. The Lord has brought forth amazing growth during that period. Discipleship programs in the Kagadi Archdeaconry, a targeted administrative region, fueled a movement that added 30,000 people in 95 churches.  The growth has been so strong that a whole new Archdeaconry has been added and Ugandan led discipleship programs are being carried out in churches throughout the whole diocese. With the Ugandan church training expanding on it’s own, we had to ask, “What more is there for us to do?”

The Ugandan leadership replied with their most strategic need; refresher courses for leaders and updates on fresh mission strategies. Most of the leaders trained by GCWM teams have been in such demand that they have been called to other dioceses all over Uganda.  A new wave of leaders has emerged to carry the discipleship movement in Kagadi and beyond. Those with previous training need fresh updates and encouragement as they mentor leaders in existing and new church plants.

There is a new wave of partnerships among churches here who have connected with Bunyoro-Kitara in the past.  They are now sending teams to fulfill many of the needed areas beyond our focus. 

The Lord is using the Gateway Center’s lead role to help coordinate and expand these church partnerships to do more together than each could do alone.

The Lord is bringing a fresh new wave of the Holy Spirit to carry the Church of Uganda into Muslim peoples and cltures dominated by witchcraft and demonic spirit religions.