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A Crucial Response to Sustain a Movement

Leaders in Kagadi

This November, 150 pastors and church leaders will gather in Kagadi, Uganda.  The Lord has been faithful to ignite a discipleship movement through your support of Gateway teams in the Kagadi area. However, it takes a constant effort to equip leaders who can, in-turn, train others to sustain it.

This truth makes your November Gateway team even more crucial.  Ven. Canon Eric Twine, who has led the movement in Kagadi, has been promoted to begin igniting this movement in a much larger area of the Bunyro-Kitara region.  It is essential that those he is leaving behind are strengthened to raise up others to both keep the ground gained and spread the Gospel beyond current boundaries.

In the light of the recent Ebola outbreak in neighboring Congo, we will also be adding community health education to the teaching of discipleship.  Rev. Eric has also asked for ministry to women.

To accomplish this, the Lord has brought together a powerful team of eight people from five states.  He brought a senior nurse who has worked with community health teams in several nations, a retired nurse who has much skill and knowledge in the Biblical roots of disease, a retired army colonel with a great understanding of how to apply warfare training spiritually, and three women seasoned in understanding and ministering to women.

As we began to plan for this trip, Rev. Eric wanted 150 people to attend.  A day later after working out the budget costs for them, he changed to 100 participants.  We asked him if truly needed 150 to attend.  When replied affirmatively, we agreed together to ask the Lord and believe for funding for the larger number.

We have not seen but still believe that God will provide.  You have seen the fruit of this ministry. Please  consider funding this larger number so that the Gospel would be spread in Kagadi district in Word and deed.