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Lastest Report from Kigadi Uganda

Coming to Christ

Bishop Nathan Kyamanuwa, retired bishiop of the Bunyoro-Kitara Archdiocese, welcomed 718 people into fellowship at the Mohoro Town Church of Uganda on Sunday. Included among them were 235 people that have abandoned Owobusobozi Bisaka’s Faith of Unity ( a demonic cult religion), 89 from Islamic faith,  and 160 not affiliated to any religion. It is significant since Muhorro is the headquarters of Unity of Faith.

Bishop Kyamanywa said people should stop believing and worshiping fellow human beings. Those who call themselves gods are already judged.  He urged the converts to be strong in in faith because they will face insults ahead.

The exodus from the Unity of Faith cult comes after Bisaka’s son, Biijabyonka Bisaka, passed on early last month.  Followers of Bisaka expected him to resurrect his son since he has always claimed to have such powers.  However, when it did not happen, they decided to leave the faith.  Biijabyonka’s death and burial ceremony were kept a secret since the Kagadi based spiritualist realized that it would be a discredit if his followers and critics learned about the development.

Bisaka followers reject the Bible, calling it divisive, but study The Book of the Faith of Unity authored by Owobusobozi. It spells out cleaning courtyards, grazing animals, washing, donating, and smiling at friends as deeds that can give eternal life.