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Changes for a Fresh Season

Often in scripture, when the Lord moves in a fresh way it requires working differently.  One of the first things He asked us to do was begin reaching out to the neighborhood by opening up a time and ministry on our porch.

The Lord also began to redirect the ministry.  We were to change from being a traditional mission agency to becoming more of a rapid response team. That meant we had to release our missionaries so both we and they would be more effective in the coming move of God.

Prayer with the Board resulted in a release date of July 1, 2020. The transition began with notifying our missionaries in February to give them time for a good transition. Our Brazilian missionaries returned to the U.S. because of Covid 19 and to begin the search for a new ministry covering.

As we approach the transition date, we ask that you to pray for the Lord’s favor and blessing on them in this season of harvest. Pray that the Lord prepare them fully and to quickly give them the covering they need to grow and be effective in their ministry.