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When we got home from Uganda in December, we had many plans for the new year ahead.  There were a couple of surprises that the Lord had for us—a couple of family emergencies and COVID.  Through this all we began to fast and pray to see and hear what this change was about.  We heard that He had a new thing for us, but that we needed to shift from the old and prepare for a new season of ministry.

Finishing meant:

· Releasing our missionaries so they could prosper in areas to which they were called

· Evaluating our teachings and preparing them for online capability and researching methods for online ministry

· Changing things in the office to be more financially efficient--accountant, duplicator, mail machine had to be cut back or gone

One of the things the Lord spoke to us in prayer was the phrase, "Look back so you can thrust forward."  As Ken looked back and prayed, two things stood out:

Nations-specifically, the call to train leaders in the nations that would foster the million missionary movement.

The Lexington Hub-bringing together a hub or apostolic center where people could identify their roles in God's plan and be equipped to apply it in their lives as well as a place to send leaders into the nations. 

God’s vision for Gateway has always been bigger than we can do alone. We asked the Lord for the first step trusting that Him to guide us.

In July we were invited to a two-day zoom conference that brought leaders around the world who had started training centers. It was a simple time of connecting and sharing all the Lord is doing to equip and send out disciples into the nations. One of the participants was Derek Schneider.  Derek is a Canadian who founded the History Makers Academy.  He has been used to equip leaders around the world.  We contacted him and he responded the next day.  He  was eager to work with us  here in Lexington to raise up such a hub.

We are trusting the Lord that this has been a divinely inspired step.  We have begun working with a team of like minded leaders here to host a two-day History Makers Experience (see back page) October 22-24.   We are planning to equip 25– 30 emerging leaders as a first step.

The vision of HME is to equip the whole Body to release people into mission and ministry.  They are not franchising but using their tools to help others.  You can check out the ministry on the following links: www.historymakersacademy.com or https://youtu.be/InVhYuJxRjo

The Lord has given Gateway a unique way to fulfill His call to us for a million missionaries.  We are praising Him for what is ahead!