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A New Thing in Hoima by Rev. Ven. Eric Twine

We are glad the breakout of COVID 19 brought new worldview that requires new mission strategies. Yesterday, I convened an Archdeaconry Council, the policymaking body of the Archdeaconry, to look into what the Lord may be leading us to accomplish for and with Him.  I reminded members that since the Church being salt and light, our job is transform Christians from church members to disciples.  In my 14 years of being an archdeacon, I have found that good theology does not make good pastors. My vision in Hoima is to build a people of the Kingdom: a growing community of disciples rather than simply church members.  This is in line with our Diocesan Vision that says, “Mature, Stable and grounded Christian Lives whose worship bring glory to God; ready to serve".

Carl Wilson says in his book, With Christ in the School of Discipleship Building’, “Unless disciples are adequately built, there will not be enough competent leadership to carry on the work of the church.” Kenneth Shirkey’s slogan, ‘As iron sharpens iron,’ in doing God’s work we are challenged to encourage and support each other in order to drive away fear, anxiety, panic and hopelessness, providing for a better future.

We want to create a new archdeaconry in Hoima; an Archdeaconry of disciples who live beyond tradition;     disciples who live beyond traditions that develop structures that keep cause and effect relationships far apart in space and time where the Holy Spirit is the driving fact (Acts 1:8; Luke 4:18-19 and Matthew 28:19-20).

I know the pandemic has disorganized all organizations, institutions and churches. I feel the devil intended to use it as a tool to fight unity, peace, and development in communities.  In Uganda today we are fighting domestic violence, plight of girls as a result of the long-time closure of schools and all the youth generally. Our joint role is to pray together to God to let us know what He may be saying in a time like this. We need to reclaim together what the father of liars has stolen. A gospel of restoration and rebuilding is vital.

I thank you for your continuous prayers that is helping a great light shine in a great darkness of covid 19 and terrorism.