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The Wind is Blowing in Ohio

It was cold and the wind was blowing hard outside a barn in Lebanon, Ohio.  Periodically it would whip through the cracks in the barn wall, but it couldn’t match the fire of the wind of the Holy Spirit inside. People of all ages with different church backgrounds bundled up for the weather and came with a hunger for the Presence of the Lord. One of the most astounding aspects was that there were whole families with school-aged children. The young ones were also hungry for the Lord and would not be left out of anything.

Worship that glorified God followed by a simple Gospel presentation and several testimonies brought the presence of the Lord.  People were filled with the Holy Spirit and ministered to one another.

The picture and the text sent by the meeting leader says it all.

“Here is a family who God ministered to last night. The woman with the knit hat was getting a big filling. When her husband walked over to join in, he touched her and  went down, laughing and in tears.  He had just been filled two weeks prior, so this was a mystery to his family. His two boys were laughing and were wanting in on the glory with their dad. It’s a beautiful picture of family unity. This would not have been possible without you and your service. Thank you for being part of fanning the flame.” —Darren, Lebanon, Ohio

Ohio was one of a number of growing opportunities to teach and minister here in the U.S. This July we will be part of a revival planned in North Carolina. Let us know if we can minister or teach in your area.