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The Wind is Blowing in the Nations

The Lord has reopened the door for ministry in the nations.  This September your Gateway team will be conducting seminars for pastors and leaders in Exmouth, England. They have also expressed a need for a woman’s seminar and Martha is thrilled to be able to minister them.

The relationship with the saints in England was established through your team ministry in Brazil. Bishop Josep Rosello was called to England to minister to declining churches.  Covid 19 restrictions prevented us from joining him and his congregation sooner,

God used an online Zoom Bible study to build relationships and minister remotely. He has built upon these Zoom studies by helping us grow in the use of online training opportunities.

As part of our preparation for ministering in England, we will doing online teaching sessions that introduce people to what the Lord gave us in Uganda.  These sessions will also be recorded for future use. Additionally we have been encouraged to put together a devotional for “soldiers of the King.”  It is almost ready for publishing and we will sending a copy to you as gift for your faithfulness to the Lord in helping our ministry carry the Gospel to the nations.

While in England we will be meeting with other ministries working in Uganda to see how the Lord might expand ministry in Uganda as well.  The wind is blowing!!