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Win a mission trip

Gateway Global Impact Partner Contest FAQ

How do I enter?
Entries to the contest will be made by donation to the Impact Partner Campaign only,

When will the contest end?
The campaign runs from October 15, 2017 to October 15, 2018 or whenever 1000 donations have been completed. At the completion of the contest one name will be drawn from the Impact Partners.

How will I know that I have won?
The drawing will be live-streamed if at all possible. The time and date of the live streaming will be communicated to all Partners. The Impact Partner drawn will be notified as soon as possible.

What will the mission trip be like?
The Impact Partner and guest that is drawn will be able to accompany a Gateway Staff member on a mission trip. The mission trip will be an opportunity to see and serve—it is not a vacation nor cultural experience.

  • The mission trip place and date will be mutually determined by the Impact Partner and the Gateway staff. The staff will assist in selection from Gateway mission sites (places that Gateway is ministering). A $5000 stipend will be given to the winner for payment of trip expenses for self and guest. Any expenses beyond this will be incurred at the Partner’s expense.
  • The partner and guest will be part of a mission team and will be expected to complete all normal team expectations and guidelines. (application, team training and meetings, liability waiver)
  • The trip will be completed by Dec. 31, 2019.

Other Facts
Gateway Center for World Mission may use both mission trip recipients’ names and images in their materials and promotions.

Trip recipients may transfer this gift to another before logistics (time and place) have been determined.

Gateway Center for World Mission staff, missionary staff and board members and their immediate families are ineligible for this contest.

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