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“That’s My Language!”

That was the outburst of joy from a supervisor of evangelists engaged among 57 peoples in Nepal where Christ is not known.

12 supervisors, like him, received backpacks containing the Jesus film in Nepali and nine other heart languages spoken by people groups in Nepal who have never heard the name of Jesus. Our team leader set up a demonstration showing the Jesus film in one of the tribal languages and this evangelist heard the Gospel in his own heart language.

The air was electric with the joy of the Lord. It felt like opening presents on Christmas morning. Another man said, “Do I have to stay in my district to show it or can I take it to my village?  My village has the five highest mountains in the world.”

Statistics by Finishing the Task ministry of CRU state that, on average, 30,000 people in Nepal saw the Jesus film from one backpack last year. Out of that came 3,000 who had never heard the name of Jesus believed and 30 churches were planted. 

Imagine yourself this year walking among the five highest mountains in the world and seeing people who are in one of the darkest places light up. Look at the life in their eyes because they heard the gospel in their own language and know the Jesus who loves them. You are there because of what you have sown in Nepal through your Gateway team.