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What difference am I really making?

Watching the dentist

That was the question we asked ourselves working with the medical team in Nepal.  We had no medical skills. We didn’t have an assign job as part of the medical outreach.  We lacked the strength to carry heavy equipment and sickness had sapped the strength we did have and limited our participation.  So, what could we add to the medical outreach team?

The one thing we could do was to intercede for the team.  We prayed to cleanse their work rooms and covered them as they worked.  We prayed for the school grounds and the people coming for treatment.  Martha had the opportunity to go into one of the villages and pray for two people suffering from cancer and stroke.  There were times when Ken was sick and Martha would go out and times only Ken could go. 

The last trip on the outreach involved a two-hour bus ride into a remote mountain village over narrow roads with drop-offs of over a thousand feet. Our bus broke down and a replacement was delayed so long that the return trip had to return in the dark.  Martha had stayed at the base house sick, but connect with our world-wide intercessor networks—texting and praying. The Lord protected the entire team from any incident and brought us peace.

We wondered if we had not heard the Lord, if we should have returned to the US the first week with some of the teaching team.

Feedback from the team members, however, revealed a different story.  Members of the team began to detail the differences in their work when we weren’t there.  We weren’t able to be part of the first day of one of the outreaches.  The dentist had a horrible day when nothing went right. When we came the next day to pray through the room we discovered pictures of Hindu gods on the walls.  We prayed, bound the spirits and from then on everything went well.  The atmosphere had changed. 

All of the team members mentioned the difference when we prayed through their stations. Several were solid Christians but were not familiar with the spiritual warfare that was familiar to us. They were encouraged and strengthened by what they saw the Lord accomplish. The Lord was working even though we didn't feel like a necessary part.

Now we are receiving reports from the national team that a church has been planted in one of the villages that we worked already. 

Are you making a difference? YES!! Through your giving and prayers, hundreds of pastors are strengthened, people from unreached areas are finding faith, and the gospel is being preached where Christ is not known.  You can't see it or feel it, but it is happening.  Don't let Satan lie and steal your joy!  You are arrows shot out and hitting the mark by the hand of the Lord.