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Longing to Make a Difference

The Lord is tugging at hearts! Everywhere we go these days, people tell us that they want to go to the nations or have always wanted to go. Praying with college students, they pour their hearts out telling the Lord that the waiting is hard—they want to go now.  Eating lunch with internationals, they mention they have always wanted to go on mission trips. This is before they know anything about us and what we do.

They want to make a difference and GCWM has the answer!  GCWM needs to become more known in Lexington, providing many with a place they can explore their hearts’ desire and be equipped to go. To this end, we are having a series of Saturday morning open houses called Experience Gateway.  Once a month we will invite people to come and learn more about who we are and what we do.  We have set up our conference room to tell stories of what God is doing through you “here, there, and everywhere.”  It is powerful to see! 

Also if you find people whose hearts are longing to do mission, send them to us. Invite them to a Saturday open house.  Be a Gateway Ambassador—make a difference for them and the nations.