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“Our mission department has been dead for 15 years, we have nothing,” was where we began our journey Uganda.  Now this area has 92 thriving churches and is growing so rapidly it will become a diocese of its own--many salvations coming from cults and Islam. 

This region has been impacted.physically and economically as well.

“Little Eric” is an example.  Little Eric was one of the students at the Theological College in Hoima when we met him.  He was one of the first to take the pump repair training we gave.  (The pump training is still carried on each year at the college.) He was assigned to Kigadi as a lay reader when he completed school.  Through Canon Eric we gave him a small grant for tools and other startup costs.

Today Little Eric continues to be an excellent spiritual leader.  But along with his pastoral duties, he now has three teams of three men that do pump repair. The work of God through Gateway has employed nine more people, help feed and school Little Eric’s children, and provide clean water for many people.